viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

Obsolete educationlatry provokes schoolingphobia

Educational osteopathy
Sometimes education is ostensible ossification of the past
© Ilkhi, 2013

John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) singer of the Sex Pistols gave his opinion about education in United Kingdom.
- You've been quite critical about education in general in this country.
Johnny Rotten: Fucking hell, who isn't? Yeah. It's shitty.
- In what respect?
Johnny Rotten: They brainwash you. They don't educate you. They don't teach you (anything) nothing. Everything you learn you learn yourself. They try and take away your brain. They try to make you like everybody else. Just one great mass that's easily controlled. They don't like individuals. They don't like people who stick up for themselves. If you have an opinion at an early age in secondary school they fucking get you for it bad. And they tend to be the ones who turn out the most violent. Most crooks, criminals, fucking tealeafs are all, they've all got suss up there.
I am of the opinion that we are generally living in a society in which education is becoming a commodity and in which the most important is the invention of pseudoneeds for neocons. 

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